Learn English Review

English Learn Review by Script and Video. (feat. Code)


Pastor a priest; a man of a church He told his pastor that he won. And he told his pastor to keep it. You look like a pastor. He was ordained a pastor in the church. Mark youtu. Read more


Crux the most important or difficult part of a problem or an issue The idea of exclusiveness of being the only one in the world able to claim ownership of a distinct product is the crux upon which the human history of collecting any art rests. Read more


Envision imagine a future possibility He envisions that it will take about three years to get the first hamburger on the market. They envision an equal society, free of poverty and disease. If you can envision your goals, you can achieve those goals. Read more


Prairie a large area in North America where grass grows Farmers grow plants in North American prairies. Only about 5 per cent of native prairie is left in Kansas. The North American prairie was once the world's largest grassland. The flames billowed over the prairie. Read more


Asteroid any one of the many small planets that go around the sun The asteroid belt is a place with many asteroids in space. The asteroid crash caused siderophobia amongst the people. The asteroid field in our solar system exists between Mars and Jupiter. Read more


Statue a figure of a person or an animal in stone, metal, etc., usually the same size as in real life or larger The artist makes the statue from scrap metal. The statue was brought to Rome in antiquity. The statue stared down at them with sightless eyes. Read more


Blanket a large piece of material which keeps a person warm in bed Spiderweb looks like white blankets. The baby was wrapped in a blanket. A blanket of something such as snow is a continuous layer of it which hides what is below or beyond it. Read more


Racial happening or existing between people of different races They have pledged to end racial discrimination in areas such as employment. Racial strife is tearing our country apart. connected with a person’s race The community has a religious rather than a racial identity. Read more


Optimal the best possible; producing the best possible results seeking the optimal solution This smart washing machine will dispense an optimal amount of water for the load. This region has optimal conditions for rafting. This is the optimal state. He wants to rebuild the relationships between the US and Europe which weren’t optimal. Read more


Lawmaker a politician who helps make the laws of a country After that, he was an active lawmaker in the 15th and 16th National Assembly. Lawmakers in countries all over the world warned about bitcoin in the past because its value can change very quickly and because it can be used for illegal activities. Read more


Hail to describe somebody/something as being very good or special, especially in newspapers, etc. Patient advocates and doctors are hailing the drug, while others said that the clinical trials were inconsistent. The expedition was widely hailed as a success. to signal to a taxi or a bus, in order to get the driver to stop to hail a taxi to call to somebody in order to say hello to them or attract their attention A voice hailed us from the other side of the street. Read more


Fine a very fine performance ‘How are you?’ ‘Fine, thanks.’ ‘I’ll leave this here, OK?’ ‘Fine.’ Don’t worry. Your speech was fine. a fine view fine bone china a fine day / evening fine blond hair You really need a magnifying glass to appreciate all the fine detail. Read more


Bowel the tube along which food passes after it has been through the stomach, especially the end where waste is collected before it is passed out of the body Patients are asked to report any change in bowel habit. a baby with loose bowel movements He had symptoms of a bowel loop. Read more


Evacuate to move people from a place of danger to a safer place Families were evacuated to safer parts of the city. Children were evacuated from London to escape the bombing. to move out of a place because of danger, and leave the place empty Employees were urged to evacuate their offices immediately. Read more


Tolerate Personal insult will not be tolerated. to allow somebody to do something that you do not agree with or like This sort of behaviour will not be tolerated. to accept somebody/something that is annoying, unpleasant, etc. without complaining There is a limit to what one person can tolerate. Read more


Insult a remark or an action that is said or done in order to offend somebody The questions were an insult to our intelligence. Personal insult will not be tolerated. to say or do something that offends somebody to say or write information which hurts people He said that the decision was an insult to those who voted for him in 2020. Read more


Hierarchy a system, especially in a society or an organization, in which people are organized into different levels of importance from highest to lowest She's quite high up in the management hierarchy. the group of people in control of a large organization or institution It was on orders from the party hierarchy that she dropped the investigation. Read more


Protest the expression of strong dislike of or opposition to something; a statement or an action that shows this People protest in 200 Brazilian cities and towns. The riot began as a peaceful protest. They tried to bludgeon me into joining their protest. Read more


Copper a chemical element. Copper is a soft red-brown metal used for making electric wires, pipes and coins. He wore a copper bracelet on his wrist. One of the most important materials is copper, and it tells us about the situation for businesses. Read more


Census ​the process of officially counting something, especially a country’s population, and recording various facts The government has annually taken a census. to take a census The census figures illustrate how the nation has grown. the questions asked in the census Mark youtu. Read more


Disaster an unexpected event, such as a very bad accident, a flood or a fire, that kills a lot of people or causes a lot of damage 159 people died in the disaster the world's worst humanitarian disaster a very bad situation that causes problems Losing your job doesn't have to be such a disaster. Read more


Loom to appear as a large shape that is not clear, especially in a frightening way A dark shape loomed up ahead of us. to appear serious and likely to happen soon Further problems loomed ahead of us. There was a crisis looming. Read more


Unify make or become united, uniform, or whole. unify something to join people, things, parts of a country, etc. together so that they form a single unit The new leader hopes to unify the country. The OCF aims to help unify IoT standards. Read more


Jumper a collarless sleeveless dress, typically worn over a blouse. a piece of clothing for the upper part of the body, made of wool or cotton, with long sleeves (= arms) and no buttons a sweater. a woolly jumper The jumper comes in assorted colours. Read more


Farmer a person who owns or manages a farm My parents are dairy farmers. The land is owned by a local farmer. A lot of conventional farmers have converted to organic. a new plan to help smallholder farmers Settlers were primarily subsistence farmers. Read more


Scarecrow a figure made to look like a person, that is dressed in old clothes and put in a field to frighten birds away He put a scarecrow in the field. Scarecrow won’t figure it out. There is a scarecrow in the middle of the field. Read more


Hi used to say hello Hi guys! Hi, there! How're you doing? Say hi to her from me. used as a friendly greeting or to attract attention. Hi there. How was the flight? Hi, Mary! How are things? Hi, Dad—can you put John on? Read more