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Call Shortcodes Inside Hugo Shortcodes

Call Shortcodes inside Hugo Shortcodes Hugo develop when you need to call shortcodes inside shortcodes. Nested Shortcodes Shortcodes Sample layouts/shortcodes/gallery.html 1 2 3 <div class="{{.Get "class"}}"> {{.Inner}} </div> layouts/shortcodes/img.html 1 2 3 4 5 6 {{- $src := . Read more

Web Link Markup Css Unify Checker

Web link markup CSS integration checker Validate website links, markup, CSS, and more. Link validation Markup validation CSS validation Unify validation Others validation Continue! 👍

Hidden Maze CRLF

Hidden Maze CRLF A newline that kills time if you don’t know. system-specific newline Windows Linux macOS CRLF LF LF \r\n \n \n Note Classic Mac OS uses CR (\r) Read more

Ctrlc Ctrlv Javascript

Ctrl+C Ctrl+V Javascript Copy (Ctrl+C) Paste (Ctrl+V) Javascript key event handling. Copy Ctrl+C event.ctrlKey && event.keyCode == 67 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 var myinput = document.getElementById("myinput"); myinput.addEventListener("keydown", function(event) { ... if (event.ctrlKey && event.keyCode == 67) { . Read more

Hugo Markdown Tip

Hugo Markdown Tip Tips for typing Hugo Markdown. Get the last path of the URL path.Base PATH {{ path.Base "a/news.html" }} → "news.html" {{ path.Base "news.html" }} → "news.html" {{ path.Base "a/b/c" }} → "c" {{ path.Base "/x/y/z/" }} → "z" Get Page params {{< param testparam >}} {{< param "my. Read more

Remove Motion When Inputting Input

Remove Motion When Inputting Input How to remove the movement of the input window when entering the html input tag. Cause The baseline is incorrect for each font language. vertical-align vertical-align setting. 4 5 6 .myinput { vertical-align: middle; } height, line-height Set height and line-height. Read more

Turn Off Windows 10 Notifications

Turn Off Windows 10 Notifications When the notification pops up, use it in all awkward situations. Click Action center Click Action center on Taskbar. Click Focus assist Click Focus assist to change to Alarms Only. Hide all notifications except alarm. Read more

Hugo Enter Tags and Categories Default in Archetypes

Hugo, Enter Tags and Categories Default in Archetypes How to enter tags and categories defaults in archetypes by file path and name when using Hugo multilingual. For example Type below hugo new posts/ Printed like this 4 5 tags = ["posts","my","first","post"] categories = ["posts"] Let’s do it Add default. Read more